🏃 How do I make the app start at login on Mac OS?

Click on the large gear button, then click on "Info." Check the "Launch at login" checkbox.

🖍️ How can I edit or delete an IP address?

You can swipe right to edit it and swipe left to delete it. On Mac OS, it's also possible to right-click on the address entry and select what you need.

🤔 How often is IP data updated (such as geolocation, ASN, etc)?

It gets updated every day on the backend.

🔗 How do I use the "Open in SSH client" and "Open in VNC client" features?

You should install SSH/VNC clients that support being opened by ssh:// and vnc:// URIs, such Termius and RealVNC.

☁️ How do I synchronize data with iCloud?

Synchronization happens automatically after you make some changes. There's no need to do it manually.

💵 I don't like what I bought. Can I get a refund?

Sorry to hear that. Yes, you can request a refund. Follow the instructions on the Apple website.

🙋 I have another question. How can I contact the developer?

You can use the feedback page or ask a question in telegram chat.

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